Indulge in Blake Hotel Chicago, a landmark of luxury among downtown Chicago hotels. For business or pleasure, this luxury hotel oasis in Chicago’s South Loop can offer you the best of both worlds.

From the moment you arrive at our downtown Chicago hotel your comfort is our priority. Hand your keys to the Valet, your bags to the Bellman, and direct all your questions and personal needs to our friendly concierge. At Blake Hotel Chicago, we demand our hotel staff treat every guest like the only guest, so you’ll receive the comfort and intimate experience you should expect from a luxury hotel in downtown Chicago.

The premier hotel destination among downtown Chicago hotels, luxurious accommodations and well appointed amenities welcome you to your private oasis at Blake Hotel Chicago. Where stress and responsibility vanish with the sun and total relaxation becomes your only focus. Start your day on a good note with the IPOD alarm clock. Draw back the blinds on the large, expansive windows and let in stunning views of Chicago. Flip through your morning paper while you sip on a rich cup of coffee, brewed right in your room. And when you’re ready to reconnect with the world, simply log onto our complimentary wireless high speed Internet, accessible in every room throughout our downtown Chicago hotel.

Please note that all of our resorts require at least 4-6 weeks notice before booking and can only be booked per week (7 day minimum)!