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Companies around the world are always traveling, whether it’s for conventions or reaching out to clients; there is no question they will need accommodations. Here at Resort Access Network we work as a concierge, connecting businesses with affordable accommodations.

Corporations seek the best representation, especially for their convention exhibitors and staff. Here at Resort Access Network, we provide the most luxurious options through our timeshare owners while also reducing travel expenses. 5-Star travel rates can range anywhere from $200-$400 per night. The average trip can be as lengthy as 4-5 nights. With some basic math, that’s costing companies anywhere from $6,000-$16,000 total to house their top executives.

That just doesn’t add up for us at Resort Access Network. Instead, we at Resort Access Network market and advertise timeshare accommodations at the lowest weekly rates saving companies over standard hotel accommodations. These units typically provide between 2-4 bedrooms, which can sleep up to 12 people. That’s a SAVINGS of up to $4,000-$13,000! Now imagine how much these companies are saving from their budgets, leaving them money for other expenses.

When traveling, your employees deserve the best. Now let us help house them in luxury accommodations at a fraction of the price. Contact our concierge department directly or take a look at our inventory and make an offer today!

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