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Corporations seek the best representation for convention exhibitors that their staff can offer. What if you could accommodate them with a 5 star timeshare option that will alleviate the travel budget pressure? 

It’s no surprise that four and five star hotel rates go anywhere from $200-400 per night (and let’s say 3-4 nights per convention schedule). With your top ten representatives needing lodging, that can calculate to anywhere from $6000 to $16000 total , solely in hotel accommodations. We at Easy Business Travel offer rates of $2500 for the whole week, NOT just 3-4 nights. Our units house an average of two bedrooms, which can sleep 6. That’s a SAVINGS of up to $4,000-$13,000! Now just imagine what you could do with that extra capital for expansion?! 

You’ve done the hard work choosing your representatives, let us put your mind at ease and contact one of our associates today for your future timeshare with Easy Business Travel.

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